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photos and asked about george zimmerman's injuries. >> is this injury consistent with mr. zimmerman's head having impacted a sidewalk? >> yes. you can see there's a swelling right here, very prominent. it's just below the area where he's got a small abrasion. >> is the injury you see in this exhibit consistent -- this is exhibit 79 -- consistent with having been punched in the nose? >> yes, sir. >> after a strong showing for the defense, then it was the prosecution's turn to question the witness. >> you're not stating here, are you, that everything george zimmerman said at the statement you saw, the re-enactment, is the complete gospel truth? >> that's correct, sir. >> want to get you back inside that courtroom again. it's dr. vincent demaio on the stand. >> a doctor that had treated him in the past or like a physician's assistant would know what's existing there before that day and not in terms it of what the shape of the body or the head is. >> may or may not. >> okay. >> i mean, you know, you don't generally remember the shape of one of your patient's heads, especially if you're
by the police and the medical examiner investigators. photographers of mr. zimmerman by the police and some civilians. the autopsy report, including toxicology and autopsy photos. the medical records of the ems and a clinic regarding mr. zimmerman. a witness statement and a transcribed conversation given reply mr. john good. 911 calls and reenactment tape by mr. zimmerman. firearm arm examiner reports and the deposition of dr. rowe. >> let's -- what i'd like to talk with you about in terms of your findings -- well, let me ask you, first, you did have an opportunity to review the video recording of mr. zimmerman in the sense reenacting the events immediately surrounding the shooting? >> yes, sir. >> and you've had access to some witness statements? >> yes, sir. >> have you, to your knowledge, reviewed all of the witness statements? >> no, i have not' because by the nature of this case, it's more about determining whether the physical evidence is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account of what he says happened. because the witness statements tend to be, in most cases, all around, you know, va
says he's running and then you acknowledge that mr. zimmerman's voice does change, correct? >> yes, it seems to change. >> right? and in fact you heard some profanity there, didn't you? >> i'm not asking you to repeat it. >> i didn't pick it out, i don't know. >> you want me to play it again? i'm not asking you to repeat it. >> okay, perhaps, go ahead. >> he used, pardon my language, he used "these assholes always get away", do you remember hearing that? >> yes. >> do you acknowledge that his voice changes? >> i think maybe the environment that he's in changed to me more. >> so he's moving. >> like he might be walking or it might be windy. >> okay. but you acknowledge, and the reason i asked you, because you mentioned you had heard his voice change on prior occasions, you described it look whooping it up and celebrating. >> yes. >> you mentioned during a campaign, when you and some others were there, i think you said whooping it up, getting exciting. >> yes. >> so this conversation that you heard between mr. zimmerman and the 911 operator, that his voice changed. >> not at the pep
you were in the area of the event. went back looking for mrs. zimmerman, didn't find her and left the second time? >> correct. >> okay. at some point, then, did you give statements to law enforcement regarding what you knew or heard about the event? >> yes. there was an fbi agent who left a card on my door and requested i call him, so i called. >> okay. >> and he and another agent came to my house and interviewed me. >> and you gave them a statement about whatever information they asked you about, i presume? >> that is correct. >> okay. at some point, did you have an opportunity to listen to what we call in this trial the wower 911 tape? and for your purposes, that is the tape that has these voices in the background screaming for help. have you had an opportunity to listen to that? >> yes. >> okay. can you tell me the circumstances of the setting around the first time that you listened to it? >> the first time i heard it was when it was played on a local newschannel. >> were you around anybody else? >> i don't remember. >> how many times have you listened to the tape? >> besides t
's listen in. >> you had an opportunity to see mr. zimmerman shortly after the altercation with mr. martin, correct? >> yes. >> can you tell the jury when that was? >> i don't know the exact date, but i would say it was within a couple days after the incident. >> describe him, if you would. did you notice what he looked like? >> he had black eyes. his nose was scraped up. he had some bandages on a his head. that was the obvious physical bruising he had. he looked emotionally traumatized. >> have you seen that in fighters that you've worked with? >> i've seen that in people. generally not in fighters after, you know, they've been competing for a while. a little bit different. he had the look of a human being who had been through an extremely traumatic experience and was traumatized from it. almost like a state of shock that was continuing. >> the -- did he have a conversation with you where he discussed shrimping and the recourse of this event? >> yes, he did. >> when was that? >> objection, hearsay. >> please approach. >> lisa bloom, let's talk to you about what's going on. i can see where
there is mr. zimmerman. so you have to go by what he's saying. >> well, i -- respectfully beg to differ with you. there was another person there. wasn't there? >> well, there were couple other witnesses, yes, sir -- >> no. i mean respectfully, the other person there is not among us anymore. >> right. because he's the only one who communicates. that's correct. >> he can't speak because he's dead. >> yeah. >> okay. were you aware, by the way, that the deceased, the victim in this case, trayvon martin, was on the phone with with a lady? >> yes, sir. >> you didn't review her statement. did you? >> no, sir. >> but when you worked with the medical examiner's office as the chief medical examiner, you, if most cases, attempt to find out all the information before you came to an opinion. >> it depends on what the case is about. often the information from the witnesses goes more towards the manner of death rather than the cause of death. in this case, there's no question with the manner of death is. >> okay. so are you suggesting then that all the witnesses testimony should just be disregarded? >
of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> most of the morning, however, was consumed by a hearing without the jury. the prosecution wants to block the submission of an animation created by zimmerman's defense team, one depicting their version of the chain of events that took place the night of the shooting. after nearly two hours of discussion, the judge delayed further debate on the animation until this afternoon. dr. vincent dimaio is continuing his testimony right now. let's bring you back to the courthouse. >> -- way we are walking around an such, or even bumping your head. it's no big deal because the axons can take that. if the movement is very violent, it stretches the axons and this causes injury to the wall. if the movement, which is more violent, is relatively mild, the injury is repaired by the axon and there's no problem. and then there is a gradual increase in force until you get something like an automobile accident where, you know, you run into something and your
-- indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him. leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> dr. di maio testified he believes that zimmerman had at least six injuries on his head and that some of those injuries could have been caused by hitting against concrete. >> i think you have six identifiable injuries. the two lacerations on the back of the head. the impacts in both temple regions. that is four, the nose is five, and the forehead is six. so there is definite evidence of six impacts. that does not mean that there were only six. >> here is dr. di maio under examination by the prosecution. >> i'm saying that the physical evidence is consistent with mr. martin being over mr. zimmerman. >> and is it not also consistent with mr. martin's pulling away from zimmerman on the ground, and you would have the same angle. he is pulling away, and zimmerman is shooting him at that time? >> yes. >> let me make sure, i understand what you're saying. that you can hit somebody and not leave any bruising on your knuckles, is that correct? >> tha
testimony from friends and co-workers of mr. zimmerman today. >> well, if it were up for a vote, the defense would win because they now have seven witnesses saying that zimmerman screaming for help on the 911 call. of course it is not up for a vote. there's three prosecution witness whose have said so and there's one prosecution witness who didn't know either of these men but said it sounded like a boy who was screaming. add to that that george zimmerman himself when confronted with the tape by law enforcement said it doesn't sound like me and add to that further that the screaming stops when the shot rings out, which might suggest that the shooting victim was the one who got shot. so it's complicated. my view as is the jury will probably say we can't sort this out and simply put this piece of evidence aside, andrea. >> craig melvin, what are we expecting for the rest of the afternoon and also coming up tomorrow and as we proceed this week? >> andrea, so far today the defense has called five witnesses. we expect that at any moment -- the jury in fact is being brought into the jury right now.
of his clothes, and also, this is in the context, where mr. zimmerman himself originally said, he didn't think that was his voice. >> right. i think he had a lot of people who took the stand this morning, today, who said that, yes, that's him screaming, but, you know, how much of that is discounted, because of the personnel and financial connections that he has to those people. you know, you -- we've heard from trayvon's mother, trayvon's father, trayvon's brother. they all have a connection to him, to trayvon martin, but other people who did 911 calls, who said they thought it was the guy on top, meaning the one screaming for help was the one on bottom was george zimmerman, but you also had some people who testified saying that the person they heard screaming sounded like a child, sounded like a young boy. >> okay, well, we're joined live now from sanford, craig melvin is there. and craig, can you tell us exactly what's going on inside the courtroom right now at this moment? >> reporter: right now, martin, judge nelson is considering hearing on john donnelly. he's the guy who's marrie
with this issue? >> yes, sir. >> are you coloring or changing your testimony at all simply to help mr. zimmerman in what you might perceive to be a time of need? >> not at all, sir. this courtroom is about truth. at some point in time, even though this is personally very hard for me, had this is the place truth is supposed to come out. >> is that why you decided to deal with whatever demons existed from 45 years ago and still testify concerning this event and those events here today? >> yes. >> nothing further, your honor. >> whose idea was it to listen to the recording saturday? >> it was my own, sir. >> okay. thank you, sir. >> may mr. donnelly be excused? >> yes, your honor. >> thank you very much, sir. you rex cuesare excused. counsel, approach the bench. >> joining me now, nbc news legal analyst, lisa bloom. that was george zimmerman's friend, of course, john donnelly taking the stand, lisa. a lot of attention has been paid to the 911 call, various people on both sides, both the prosecution and the defense, saying it was either george zimmerman or trayvon martin. does that effectively nulli
at the time mr. martin was shot. >> now, according to di maio, that's consistent with zimmerman act that martin was over him at the time of the shooting. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. so that the fact that we know the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away is consistent with somebody leaning over leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> i don't know how it plays out in court, but i can tell you, i thought he was a pretty effective witness for the defense. what was your reading of the tea leaves? >> on style, he's an i-plus. he speaks in plain english, he's very understandable, completely different than that of dr. bao. i think he testified that lean's fl flo. >> and it stays a against him when he goes back. when you're wearing a completely hunched shoulders and in the scuffle the clothing bunched. really, what he established was -- 2 inches is not that much. it was 2 to 4 inches from trayvon. >> judge alex,
, but the clothing itself had to be two to four inches away from the body at the time mr. martin was shot. >> now, according to di maio, that's consistent with zimmerman's account that martin was over him at the time of the shooting. >> if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. so that the fact that we know the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away is consistent with somebody leaning over leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> lisa, i don't know how it played in the courtroom, but i can tell you watching on television on msnbc, i thought he was a pretty effective witness for the defense. what was your reading of the tea leaves? >> on style, he is an a-plus. he speaks in plain english. he is very understandable. he is completely the opposite of dr. bao. but i have a lot more questions for him, because i think what he established is that trayvon martin's clothing was two to four inches away from his body. he was not asked every possib
in the background of a neighbor's 911 call, but mr. martin previously said that it wasn't his son's voice. it was key testimony. at the heart of the issue whether or not zimmerman acted, as he claims, in self-defense. since the prosecution rested its case on friday, the defense has already called about a dozen witnesses, including zimmerman's mother, who said late friday that it was her son's voice on that tape, and not trayvon's. some ten witnesses took the stand today, and more are on the way. let's get to msnbc's craig melvin for the latest from the florida courthouse. craig? >> reporter: michael, in the past few minutes, something major has happened here. a short time ago, in fact, just a few moments ago, judge nelson has decided to allow the toxicology report in. we expect that the state will offer a witness tomorrow to speak to the toxicology report. just to give you some background here, dr. bao, shiping bao testified on friday that at some point he changed his mind, not about whether there was actually marijuana in his trayvon martin's system, but whether that marijuana would have
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14